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Callin Wines

Our more than 200 years old country house is located in the heart of the Karst region, in the village of Kazlje, 15 km far away from Trieste.

Here we also have our vineyards that gives us the authentic organic karst wine Teran. and Vitovska. Since our production is fairly small, our family is very devoted to the vineyards and our boutique wine. We take care of the grapes in a natural and organic way and continue to do so when the wine is already in the cellar.

Terra crystal

Our red wine Terra 

     Our grapes are hand-picked and selected.

After the harvest, our grapes are hand-removed from the stalks as it used to be done in the past to prevent them from damaging. Firm grapes with undamaged skin are a prerequisite for a high-quality wine. After a 10-20 day maceration, the wine is put in oak barrique barrels where the slow wine aging process takes place. Our grapes are transformed into wine naturally, without any added chemicals. Wine filtration reduces the taste quality and for this reason our wines are unfiltered.

Moreover, slight sediments are not considered as a mistake.

Our Teran TERRA is grown in a totally natural way,

without any chemical parasiticides, pesticides, mineral fertilizers or herbicides. Our wine is produced in an organic way also with some biodynamic methods from grape growing until the wine is put into bottles.

We do not prune and do not pluck leaves from plants in our wineyards

following the Duline method. Thus the vine grows balanced, the resistance to water stress increases considerably, the quality of tannins and polyphenols in wine improves. Moreover, the vineyard quite does not need to be defoliated near the grapes, the antioxidants increases and the grapes achieve a natural balanced maturation.

In year 2015 we have set up bioenergetic fields in our vineyards,

making a beneficial impact on their growth.

Informed - structured Wine

Our wine is informed and improved with positive energy



the fruit of karst soil, sun and burja wind

Teran is an autochthonous Slovene red wine produced in the Karst region and is part of the Refosco family. Due to the karst soil, it gains a distinctive red colour and taste, and compared to other wines it contains a high percentage of lactic acid. According to some researches, Teran has many health benefits: it is an antioxidant and a remedy against arteriosclerosis as well as it improves anaemia as it has a lot of iron and lowers cholesterol.

"Look deep in the nature then you will understand everything"  

                                            Albert Einstein



white cuvee

QVE   >

Qve is a selection of three types of grapes, Malvasia, Vitovska and Pinot Grigio

Qve is a macerated (orange) white wine and is aged in oak barrique barrels.

 Golden yellow color and noble aroma reminiscent of honey, almonds, dried fruits and raisins.

Callin Wines

Callin Wines, Kazlje 31, 6210 Sežana, Slovenija \\ Tel: +386 (0)64 249 318


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Callin Wines, Kazlje 31, 6210 Sežana, Slovenija \\ Tel: +386 (0)64 249 318


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